Multipay places silver for Best B2B customer experience in Europe

MultiPay and the Travel Corporation (TTC) are proud to have won the silver award for Best B2B Customer Experience at the European CXA awards. The competition was fierce, with well-known companies such as Care Planner, Sage, and TrueLayer competing for the top spot, making MultiPay’s silver award an even greater achievement.

The judging criteria for the CXA awards were based on the following elements: customer-centric culture, customer insights, customer experience strategy, employee engagement, innovation, impact, and business results. The judges assess the entries against each of these elements and score them accordingly.

MultiPay’s submission provided details on its bespoke, customer service, built on its strong European logistics and operational capabilities. The presentation explained how it supplied The Travel Corporation’s Travel Directors with single payment terminals that can process transactions in multiple currencies, simplifying payments and enhancing their ability to set up and solve common issues while on the move.

MultiPay also put a robust strategy in place to ensure that it met TTC’s core goal of returning to growth following the pandemic. This strategy included detailed planning, efficient implementation, stakeholder engagement, and an innovative and creative approach to logistics and customer support.

The solution provided by MultiPay helped TTC achieve two main goals: simplifying payment processes and providing quick access to payment terminals. These goals were underpinned by three objectives: reducing operating costs, easier training and set up of terminals, and delivering a first-class payment experience to customers.

However, developing and implementing a bespoke payments solution that could meet the specific requirements of TTC’s TDs was not without its challenges. MultiPay had to overcome numerous obstacles to make the project a success, including navigating complex regulatory frameworks, ensuring robust cybersecurity, providing seamless integration with TTC’s existing systems, and providing comprehensive training and support.

Despite these challenges, MultiPay was able to develop and implement a bespoke payments solution that met the specific requirements of TTC’s TDs, enabling them to process transactions in multiple currencies while on the move and providing a high-quality customer experience to TTC’s customers.

The success of the program with TTC can be seen in the initial trial with 50 devices growing to a full contract covering 400+ devices and operations across 41 European countries, with the project expanding to include TTC’s sister brand, Contiki. Feedback from TDs has also been overwhelmingly positive, with one TD giving the service and devices “10 thumbs up”.

MultiPay worked closely with TTC to plan the initiative and implement it efficiently. Its dedicated account management team worked with TTC to create bespoke products and services that met their specific requirements. It created a specific set-up manual for TDs, reducing training and set-up times, and established dedicated hotlines where TDs could troubleshoot issues and speak directly to its support team when needed.

MultiPay is honoured to have won the silver award for Best B2B Customer Experience at the CXA awards, and it is grateful to TTC for giving it the opportunity to provide them with a solution that meets their needs and helps them achieve their goals. This award highlights its commitment to providing exceptional customer service and delivering innovative solutions to its clients.

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