The MultiPay Difference

The MultiPay Difference.


What is normally a long-winded and complicated process is simplified by using our single integrated payment gateway.

To remain competitive, merchants need the freedom to grow and succeed internationally. They do not want to deal with the worry of remaining compliant, whilst dealing with multiple banks, languages, and currencies.

MultiPay offers bespoke payments software technology solutions that requires only one integration and allows you to accept card payments on-line, in-store, in any currency and language. This means you can focus on your customer’s in-store and on-line user experience.

Agile Development

MultiPay’s unrivalled expertise in payments means that we know the industry inside out. We have spent the past two decades building relationships with multiple partners, meaning we are acquirer and hardware agnostic, allowing us to work with multiple suppliers giving our customers total freedom, independence and control of their payments ecosystem.

Our single API and commitment to bespoke service means we can quickly build new payment solutions based on our customers’ requirements, bringing new technology to market and ensuring customers benefit from the latest payment innovations.

Innovation & Technology Focused

Innovative & technology focused, bespoke payments software technology sits at the heart of everything we do.

We provide a complete, end-to-end, technology solution meeting everything a large multi-national retailer needs in a payment system.

Our all-in-one agnostic payment solution combines a single API and reconciliation point into one system simplifying payments for large merchants and their customers.

Hardware agnostic, allows our payment solution to work on any payment terminal also enabling merchants to accept alternative payment methods, such as crypto, bank-to-bank transfers, and instant payments through our app, we help drive further cost saving that can be put back into improving the in-store customer experience.

Partnering with leading payment providers across the globe, including Mastercard, Barclays and Global Payments, MultiPay can quickly develop new, and unique, payment solutions that enable merchants to build the best payment experiences for their customers.

Offer your customers a personalised payment experience with MultiPay.

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