Payment Solutions for Industries We Serve.

Retail Payments

Furthermore, our retail solution offers merchants a robust payments infrastructure specifically designed for multi-site international retailers. Through bespoke EPOS integration options, you can effortlessly integrate any store in any country. Ensuring compatibility with multiple languages and currencies. Additionally, we prioritise flexibility in payment processing. Working collaboratively with multiple acquirers, all seamlessly reporting into a dedicated reconciliation system. Moreover, our extensive range of point-of-sale terminals and in-store payment options caters to diverse retail setups. Whether it’s traditional EPOS and PED integrated stations, self-checkout solutions, pop-up stores, or mobile solutions for efficient queue management.

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Travel Payments

Moreover, in partnership with The Travel Corporation, we offer extensive expertise to assist travel businesses. From expanding internationally, accessing new markets and sales channels. Within the travel sector, where accepting payments in multiple currencies and countries can be complex. We provide a seamless payment solution. Our P2Pe certified solution serves as a central hub for all transactions, simplifying the entire payment & reconciliation process. With our global platform, we alleviate the intricacies associated with settlement processes. Whether businesses operate in single or multiple countries, currencies, or payment methods.

Hospitality Payments

Additionally, our multi-option payment solutions provide exceptional flexibility for hospitality chains. With an extensive selection of payment options, including multi-currency and multilingual features. You can effortlessly cater to the preferences of all your customers. Our comprehensive range of payment solutions encompasses various aspects of the hospitality industry. Whether you need mobile solutions for take-out and delivery, portable options for at-table payments, or traditional PED and EPOS till system alternatives. We have the ideal choices to fulfill your specific needs.

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Transportation Payments

Furthermore, equipped with a diverse range of currency and language options. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of transportation companies. By providing multiple payment options in a unified platform, seamlessly reporting into a bespoke reconciliation system. Our service simplifies and streamlines the payment process for large transportation companies. Moreover, our solution offers you the flexibility to accept payments from your customers that suits their preferences and aligns with your operational requirements.

Offer your customers a personalised payment experience with MultiPay.

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