Simplify your in-store checkout experience by streamlining your face-to-face payment infrastructure.

Moreover, MultiPay’s face-to-face payment solution seamlessly enables our merchants to integrate into an existing infrastructure. As a result, this simplifies the settlement process, whether operating within a single country or across multiple territories.

Face to Face Payments

Find your perfect POS solution.

Face to Face

Take face to face payments at the counter, table or on the move. offering a full range of in-store card terminals.


App-to-app payment integrations mobile point-of-sale and tablet mobile payments.


Integrated kiosk payment solutions  between the card machine or PED and the kiosk.


MultiPay’s payment integration compliments existing payment infrastructures.


Trade remotely using mobile payment technology or epos integration.

Some of our POS customers.

Instore payments

We take the stress out of payment acceptance.

MultiPay’s end-to-end payment solutions platform combines a single API and reconciliation point into one system.

One Single Integration

Connect all point-of-sale devices to a single platform through our API.


Fully certified and PCI-compliant terminals and hardware-free solutions.

Single Point of Reconciliation

Centralised view of all transactional data, regardless of payment type or location.

Local Payment Methods

Empower merchants to accept local payment methods, offering customers greater choice.


Effortlessly integrate into new or existing EPOS infrastructure and unlock the benefits of streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency.


Enhance security and convenience with in-store fingerprint and facial recognition, providing alternative payment authentication methods for a seamless customer experience.

Accept alternative payment methods in-store.

Diversify your payment options by accepting various alternative methods, such as cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, and instant payments through our app. Consequently, you can generate additional cost savings that can be effectively allocated to improving your in-store customer experience.

Provide the best in-store experience for your customers.

Easy API refunds

Benefit from the ability to refund transactions without the need for the customer’s card. Additionally, our system provides receipts and allows for full or partial refunds, simplifying the refund process and enhancing customer convenience.

Dynamic acquiring routing

With unparalleled routing flexibility, effortlessly direct transactions to acquirers via BIN, store, terminals, and cards. This empowers you with greater control, optimising transaction success rates and operational efficiency.

Unique double debit reporting

With its unique double debiting feature, our system provides bespoke criteria rules on suspicious double debit transactions. This enables merchants to react faster and take necessary actions, ensuring enhanced security and customer satisfaction.

We offer a flexible payment solution.

Through our seamless connection to a wide range of acquirers across Europe, we have the ability to settle transactions in multiple currencies. This connection allows us to provide increased flexibility, meeting the diverse needs of customers and expanding our market reach. Furthermore, the integration with different acquirers facilitates secure and efficient cross-border transactions, reinforcing our reputation as a dependable payment solution provider.

Acquirer agnostic

Process transactions across a limitless number of acquiring banks.

Hardware agnostic

Our payment solution integrates with any payment terminal or EPOS.

Let us handle your payment complexities.

Additionally, as P2Pe certified, our solution provides a single payment gateway for all transactions. This simplifies the process, directing them to multiple acquirer destinations and streamlining reconciliation. Enhanced security measures are also in place, ensuring the protection of sensitive payment data throughout the transaction journey.

Single Payment Gateway

Transactional overview.

Additionally, access our portal for a comprehensive overview of all operational terminals and more. Effortlessly view APM transactional data on your Android terminal or seamlessly integrate it into your reporting system via APIs. This streamlined solution enhances your management, analysis, and reporting processes, providing greater efficiency and convenience.

Manage your terminals with one single view.

A centralised view of transactional data

View the complete customer present transactions in real time. Breakdown splits between purchases and refunds

Connect payment data across all channels

Ability to break down each site to view peak transactions volumes and to review average transaction values

Detailed Transaction Overview

MultiPay’s unique features and benefits.

Buy Now Pay Later solution for android payment terminals

MultiPay Instalment enables retailers to offer in-store and on-line instalment payments, increasing consumer choice and improving the customer in-store experience.

Learn more about MultiPay’s BNPL solutions

Secure App to App payments for iOS and Android.

Accept in-app and mobile payments, no matter where in the world your customers are located.

Focus on your App. We’ll look after your payments.

Reward returning in-store customers

Securely store your customers previously used payment data and keep them coming back, again and again.

  Promotions & Vouchers




Improve your international experience by localising your in-store checkout

As businesses grow internationally and acquire more foreign customers, it’s important to adjust accordingly.

Accept local debit cards

Let your customers pay using local payment methods.

Offer payment choice

Show relevant payment methods to your customers at checkout.

Best In Class In-House Service & Support

  Development Teams​

  Pre & Post-Sales Support​

  24/7 Emergency Support​

  Dedicated Account Management​

  Dedicated Project Management​

  Fully Managed Services​

UK Customer Experience Awards

A new and revolutionary customer experience but without increasing costs or complexity for merchants.

As consumers look to spread the cost of major purchases, the use of instalment payments has seen rapid adoption over the last couple of years and shows little sign of slowing down.

Inshore payment experience

Improve in-store experience

3, 6, and 9-month payment plans for your customers.

P2PE Certified

P2PE certified

Secure payments.

Beat the in-store queues

Beat the queues

Increase speed at the checkout.

Increase customer payment choice

A new payment method to increase sales.

No additional integration

Solution added to your existing payment infrastructure.

Reduce complexity

Our BNPL solution is developed to connect with a customer’s existing bank account.

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