Everything you need to accept online payments.

Our online payment solution allows our merchants to trade in multiple countries, in multiple currencies, using multiple acquirers and payment methods, with simple reconciliations. When combined with in-store payments our customers receive a truly multi-channel payments experience.

   Acquirer connections

   Fraud solutions

   E-Commerce shopping cart modules

   Alternative payment methods

   MOTO solutions

Online Payment Solution

Gateway capabilities.

Merchant Management System
Merchant Management System
Security Preferences
Security Preferences
Intellient Routing
Intelligent Routing
Downloadable Reports
Downloadable Reports
Advanced Fraud Protection
Advanced Fraud Protection
Email Receipts
Email Receipts
Velocity Checking
Velocity Checking
Live Transaction Reporting
Live Transaction Reporting
DDoS Mitigation
DDoS Mitigation
Recurring Payments
Recurring Payments

E-Commerce integration methods.

There are three methods of integration provided to process your transactions through the Gateway, allowing for different levels of control and communication from your website.

This option is easy to setup & fully supports alternative payment methods. Reduces PCI DSS headaches.

Create a seamless checkout experience for your customers with a full custom design around hosted field & that requires no redirecting.

Full customisation. With a direct API you will be able to process recurring transactions, alternative payments and create a seamless shopping experience for cardholders.

Commerce modules.

Online payments customer insights.

Our web-based portal is designed to show you real-time transaction information that has been generated from Payment Gateway transactions. Access all of your transaction data in a secure way and gain access to a detailed transaction receipt for each transaction.

As well as real-time reporting within the portal, the Gateway also offers you the ability to export ad hoc reports on demand.

  • Global Transactions
  • Transaction Activity
  • Transaction History
  • Total Transaction Summary
  • Daily Transaction Summary

Online Payments Customer Insights

Which integration is best for you?

Hosted Integration


You can choose to use Hosted Fields or Hosted Forms using the Hosted Integration.

These are both features to help you take payments securely, without sensitive card details touching your servers.

Direct Integration


The Direct Integration works by allowing you to keep the customer on your own secure server before sending the collected payment details to our Gateway for processing, ensuring a smoother, more complete checkout process.

Your customer will be passed through a Gateway where they then enter their card details and receive a response for the transaction, before being re-directed back to your website. 

This is the simplest and quickest path to integrating with the Gateway. The user experience is similar to Direct Integration, however, your website does not need to have an SSL Certificate, and PCI compliance becomes more straightforward.

Accepting online payments

Our current implementation of hosted form, is a single webpage form, containing all required fields, which once complete posts directly to our Direct endpoint.

Hosted Forms v2 allow the customer to select from previously used cards, can accommodate further alternative payment methods. It also allows for payment to be taken without needing to refresh the page, making a seamless transaction.

Online retail payments

Hosted Payment Fields are a set of prebuilt JavaScript UI components that can be used by your website’s HTML payment form to collect sensitive payment details without those details touching your server. They provide you with the PCI benefits of using a Hosted Payment Page, while allowing you the ability to design and implement your own payment forms. 

There are 6 predefined Hosted Payment Fields available as follows:

  1. Card Number – collects the card number.
  2. Card CVV – collects the card cvv.
  3. Card Expiry Date – collects the card expiry month and year.
  4. Card Start Date – collects the card start/issue month and year.
  5. Card Issue Number – collects the card issue number.
  6. Card Details – collects the card number, expiry date and cvv in a single field.

mobile payments

Direct integration is more complex than the hosted forms method, but it does mean that the entire shopping process can occur within your merchants’ websites, providing a seamless experience for your customers.

If you wish to take card details on your website or style your payment pages, then you either need to use the Direct integration or use the Hosted integration and request a Custom Hosted Payment Page for your website.

Enable shoppers to pay quickly and without any friction in their local language of your E-commerce site.

The Gateway’s Hosted Form Version 1 is available in a range of different languages. The current list of available languages is:

   German – de

   French – fr

  Swedish – se

   Danish – dk

  Spanish – es

   Italian – it

   Welsh – cy

   Mandarin – zh

   Norwegian – no

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