Say goodbye to siloed payment systems. Say hello to a truly unified payments experience with MultiPay Link.

Find out how unified payments can take your omni channel solution to the next level

Unified payments

Unified payment experience.

Our end-to-end unified payments platform combines a single API and reconciliation point into one system, regardless of payment type, channel, currency, or location.

One Single Integration

Multiple Alternative Payment Methods

Deployable At Point-Of-Sale

E-commerce Integration with Shopping Cart



Deliver a superior customer experience.

Consumers don’t want to fit how they pay around the merchant. They expect a quick and seamless transaction no matter which shopping channel or payment type they choose.

MultiPay Link enables merchants to bring this vision to life. We provide full control over your payments, make it easy to add more payment methods, gain a deeper understanding of your customers across multiple channels, and as a result, deliver a superior customer experience.

One integration to use the same payment technology across multiple countries.

With unified commerce, MultiPay enables multi and omni channel merchants to build distinctive payment experiences, drive cost-savings, reward loyal shoppers, and increase sales conversions.

A global presence and ability to process transactions in any currency, unified payments allow merchants to accept any payment, from any channel, anywhere. 

PAX card terminal

Live in 25 countries.

1 United Kingdom
2 Ireland
3 Belgium
4 Luxembourg
5 Netherlands
6 France
7 Denmark
8 Finland
9 Sweden
10 Norway
11 Latvia
12 Estonia
13 Lithuania

14 Slovenia
15 Switzerland
16 Spain
17 Italy
18 Iceland
19 Hungary
20 Czech Republic
21 Croatia
22 Germany
23 Austria
24 Portugal
25 Poland

Single point of reconciliation for a simplified process.

Our all-in-one agnostic payment solution combines a single API and reconciliation point into one system simplifying payments for large merchants and their customers.

Because your backend systems are connected, as well as a simplified reconciliation process, we can deliver a wealth of cross-channel experiences and help you drive conversion through transparent customer insights.

  Enhance customer experience

  Drive conversations with customers

  Build brand loyalty

  Capture actionable insights

Unified payments overview

Unify multiple sales channels.

MultiPay Link, all of your payment data feeds into a single platform.

Any Payment


China Union Pay

Including APM’s
Future payment methods
Loyalty schemes

Any Channel


Card present
Distance selling
Remote consultation



In any currency
In any language
In any time zone

Key Benefits

 Consumer & Merchant Data Collection


  Data Modelling


  Simple Integration


  Alternative Payment Methods


  Loyalty Scheme Integration


  Promotional Offers


  Supports All Payment Channels

Join your omni channel dots through powerful insights.

Merchants can be armed with the insights needed to know and understand their customer’s journey. Tailor your customers’ shopping experience, through the offer of discounts and push notifications to drive further sales and revenue.

A centralised view of transactional data​

View the complete customer present transactions in real time. Breakdown splits between purchases and refunds

Connect payment data across all channels

Ability to break down each site to view peak transactions volumes and to review average transaction values

Dynamic acquiring routing

Offers an unrivalled level of routing which can direct transactions to acquirers, via BIN, store, terminals, and cards.

Unique double debit reporting

Provides bespoke criteria rules on suspicious double debit transactions, allowing merchants to react faster.

 Simplify your refund process with our unique API refund system.

The new API refund feature offers the ability for cashiers to refund a transaction without asking for the customer’s card.
Simply provide a receipt and the cashier can then refund either all or part of the transaction.

API Refund

Multiple integration options.

Integrates to any EPOS
provider via API

Integration for payment gateways

Integrates to any Cloud Based
EPOS provider via API

Cloud based payment gateway

Integrates to any eCommerce
& MOTO transaction via API

Payment gateway intergration

Some customers using MultiPay.

MultiPay Customer Trespass

MultiPay in the press.

“Amazon is once again making people rethink the fundamentals of retail. Payment is a crucial part of the process which has for a long-time revolved around card providers and the fees they charge. Even the arrival of mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay did not disrupt card processing in the same way that today’s news will do. With Amazon questioning Visa’s fees, you can be sure that other retailers are now looking at them too.”


David Maisey
CEO at MultiPay Global Solutions

“Amazon is firing the starting gun on a race for new payment methods”

Evening Standard

David Maisey
CEO at MultiPay Global Solutions

“As a payments industry, it is our responsibility to call on the Bank of England to review its approach to instant payments. We must band together, and we must be vocal. As the fintech capital of the world, it’s perplexing that we haven’t woken-up to the use of instant payments to help businesses in their hour of need. It’s not an exaggeration to say our economy depends on it and that it can give British businesses the boost they so desperately need.”

Delia Pedersoli
COO at MultiPay Global Solutions

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