Pay By Bank

Goodbye interchange and scheme fees.
Hello to profit-boosting Pay By Bank

A new face-to-face payment method, empowering merchants to process in-store payments directly from their customers’ bank accounts, bypassing interchange and scheme fees, meaning higher profit margins for merchants.

 How does our APM API Work?


This video demonstrates a typical Alternative Payment Method (APM) transaction in integrated mode.
It shows how APM seamlessly integrates with your current payment setup, highlighting the transaction flow from both the merchant’s and the customer’s perspective.

6 Simple steps to accept a Pay by Bank transfer with our app.


Simplified Checkout


When a customer is ready to make a purchase, the merchant simply selects the Pay by Bank option during checkout on their payment device or till.

QR Code Generation


The payment process then begins, and a unique QR code is generated and displayed on the payment device.

Seamless Bank Selection


The customer scans the QR code using their mobile device.

Secure Mobile Banking


Instantly, their mobile banking app opens, ensuring a secure environment for the transaction.

Customer Authentication


The customer authenticates themselves and authorizes the payment within their mobile banking app.

Smooth Transaction


Once approved, the payment is processed, and funds are seamlessly transferred from the customer’s bank account to the merchant’s account.

Benefits of Pay By Bank

Cost-Effective for Merchants

Pay By Bank eliminates Interchange and Scheme Fees, resulting in significant cost savings for merchants. Say goodbye to those fees that can often eat into your profits.

Universally Compatible

Our payment solution is not bound to a specific point-of-sale system, it is hardware-agnostic, meaning it seamlessly integrates with any merchant payment device. No need to invest in new hardware.

No Additional App Downloads

Our Pay by Bank solution requires no additional App downloads. Simply scan a QR code and authorise the payment within your mobile banking app.

Enhanced Security

Thanks to 2 factor SCA, Pay by Bank removes any fraud risk from incoming payments.

Additional Benefits

   Enhanced Security

   Streamlined Checkout

   Accurate Records

   Customer Loyalty

Pay by Bank transaction flow


This video showcases a typical APM transaction in standalone mode.
In this scenario, the alternative payment transaction occurs directly on a card terminal that is not integrated into an existing payment system.

MultiPay’s Pay by Bank analytical feature


This video highlights all the data available to customers using MultiPay Connect.
It showcases key data points related to alternative payments, providing valuable insights for optimising payment strategies.

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