Corporate Social Responsibility.

Making it our business to find simple and impactful ways to support our planet.

The MultiPay Group is committed to minimising our environmental footprint. Therefore, we have partnered with Ecologi to offset our impact on the environment. Here is more details on our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Types of projects we are supporting.

Trees will be planted across a range of amazing projects that Ecologi supports, providing vital habitat for local biodiversity, and supporting the lives of local people.

Solution types


Typical activities
Tree Planting

Tree Planting



Why more trees?

Planting trees has many environmental benefits:

Mitigating Climate Change

Mitigating climate change

Benefit human health and happiness

Benefits human health and happiness

Supporting Biodiversity

Supporting biodiversity

Helps sink carbon from atmosphere

Helps to sink carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the trees’ biomass

Example locations.

Find out how we are reforesting the world through payments.

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