MultiPay Corporate Brochure

Wednesday 26 June 2024
20 minute read

MultiPay Corporate Brochure Any Payment Anywhere

Welcome to the MultiPay Group brochure. This guide provides an in-depth overview of our global payment technology company, designed to cater to large merchants’ diverse needs. With headquarters in London, Copenhagen, and Milan, we offer bespoke payment solutions that enable businesses to accept any payment, in any channel, anywhere.

Discover our extensive experience in the payments industry, underscored by our commitment to innovation and agility. We detail our journey, highlighting our pioneering standalone P2Pe payment solution and our expansion across 25 European countries.

The brochure showcases our tailored solutions for various sectors, including retail, travel, hospitality, and transportation. Each section illustrates how our payment systems streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive cost savings. Case study examples from clients like Sports Direct, LS Retail, and Zara demonstrate our capability to integrate with existing infrastructures and support rapid international expansion.

We also introduce our cutting-edge technologies, such as the Pay by Bank in-store solution, which offers substantial cost savings and enhanced security. Additionally, our omni-channel and multi-channel solutions simplify payment management across different geographies and currencies.

Finally, learn about our Charity Donation App, which optimises the donation process for charitable organisations, and our comprehensive control and reconciliation tools that provide merchants with a centralised view of their payment ecosystem. MultiPay is dedicated to simplifying payments, offering freedom, independence, and control to our customers.

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