in partnership wi … in partnership with MultiPay Global Solutions as its official hardware provider for card terminals

MultiPay and partnership collaboration

Thanks to Financial IT for publishing our newly announced partnership between and MultiPay Global Solutions, two prominent players in the UK payments industry. The collaboration entails MultiPay being selected as the official hardware provider for’s in-person payment card terminals, enhancing’s payment system by integrating sophisticated hardware solutions into their existing online offering.

Through this partnership, merchants can expect a streamlined in-person payment option, seamlessly integrated into’s platform, providing them with more freedom and control over their payment processes. David Maisey, CEO of MultiPay, emphasises the shared mission of simplifying and improving payment experiences for both merchants and consumers, highlighting the potential for reduced costs and superior customer experiences.

Delia Pedersoli, COO of MultiPay, stresses the importance of meeting the evolving needs of customers in today’s retail landscape. The partnership aims to deliver a market-leading solution that offers merchants a comprehensive range of payment options, expanding their reach and increasing sales conversions, both in physical stores and online.

As continues to expand its portfolio of custom payment solutions, the partnership with MultiPay enables the company to offer cardholder present hardware to both existing and future customers. This collaboration reflects’s commitment to providing seamless payment experiences across various sectors, including retail and ticketing.

Grant Evans, Head of Partnerships at, emphasises the synergy between the two companies’ platforms, highlighting the seamless integration of MultiPay’s payment gateway with’s platform. The partnership streamlines the payment process, directing payments to multiple acquirer destinations and simplifying reconciliation for merchants.

In summary, readers will learn about the benefits of the partnership between and MultiPay Global Solutions, including maximised revenue opportunities, enhanced efficiency, and simplified transactions for merchants. As expands its presence in the UK payments market, this collaboration ensures that businesses have access to comprehensive payment processing solutions that cater to their specific needs, both in-person and online.

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