MultiPay – Most Pioneering Global Payment Solutions

MultiPay – Most Pioneering Global Payment Solutions

Provider – UK” at the 2023 Finance Awards hosted by SME News

MultiPay Global Solutions is pleased to announce its recognition at the
2023 Finance Awards, where it received the esteemed “Most Pioneering Global Payment Solutions Provider – UK” award. This accolade underscores MultiPay’s commitment to reshaping the payments industry through innovative solutions that enhance both merchant and consumer experiences.

Delia Pedersoli, COO of MultiPay Global Solutions, emphasised the significance of their approach, stating, “Our adaptable solution is designed to meet evolving customer needs. Winning the ‘Most Pioneering Global Payment Solutions Provider’ award reflects our team’s dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.”

David Maisey, CEO of MultiPay Global Solutions, expressed pride in the company’s achievement, stating, “We are honoured to receive the ‘Most Pioneering Global Payment

Solutions Provider – UK’ award. This recognition underscores our dedication to innovation and customer excellence. We remain committed to redefining the future of payments for our customers.”

Core Values Fueling MultiPay’s Success

MultiPay Global Solutions attributes its success to a set of core values that guide its operations.

Simplicity: MultiPay simplifies payment processes through an integrated gateway, enabling merchants to prioritize enhancing customer experiences.

Agile Development: With two decades of expertise, MultiPay provides merchants with total freedom and control through a single API, facilitating the swift development of tailored payment solutions.

Innovation & Technology Focus: MultiPay’s end-to-end solution caters specifically to multinational retailers, offering support for a wide range of payment terminals and forging partnerships with industry leaders.

Differentiation and Unique Selling Points

MultiPay sets itself apart with innovation, agility, and tailored technology deployment:

–  Easy API refunds: Streamlined refund process for cashiers without the need for the customer’s card.
– Dynamic acquiring routing: Efficient routing of direct transactions to acquirers.
– Double debit reporting: Custom criteria rules for faster responses.
– Local debit card processing: Capability to process local debit cards in every European country.

MultiPay’s end-to-end payment platform accepts all major card providers, mobile payment methods (including WeChat and Alipay), and emerging alternative payment methods (APMs) such as crypto, bank-to-bank transfers, and instant payments through a single system. They also facilitate merchant insights gathering to enhance customer experiences.

About MultiPay Global Solutions

Headquartered in London, Milan, and Copenhagen, The MultiPay Group empowers large-scale merchants worldwide to adopt diverse payment methods. With a Pan-European focus, MultiPay streamlines transactions for various sectors such as retail, hospitality, travel, and transportation.

MultiPay’s comprehensive, agnostic payment solution simplifies integration, ensuring payment technology and integration are customized to meet specific demands. In addition to their pioneering payment solutions, MultiPay Global Solutions has introduced Pay By Bank an innovative alternative payment method (APM) for in-store transactions.

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