Unveiling Europe’s 2023 In-Store Shopping Trends across the Black Friday Weekend

Thursday 21 December 2023
4 minute read

Our latest downloadable guide, “Unveiling Europe’s 2023 In-Store Shopping Trends across the Black Friday Weekend,” offers readers a comprehensive overview of in-store shopping insights surrounding Black Friday in 2023.

Here’s what readers can gain from the guide:

1) Understanding the Black Friday Surge: Readers will learn about the significant surge in sales during Black Friday weekend in 2023 and what made this year’s event exceptional, showcasing the enduring appeal of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

2) Attractions of In-Store Shopping: The guide explores the various reasons why shoppers continue to flock to brick-and-mortar stores despite the growth of online shopping.

3) Peak Shopping Times: These insights shed light on shopper behaviour and preferences.

4) Extended Shopping Deals: The guide discusses how retailers responded to the demand by extending their deals, turning the entire shopping weekend into an extended event. This strategy catered to shoppers seeking the best bargains and contributed to supporting local businesses.

5) Nordic Spending Trends

6) Implications for the Retail Landscape: Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the evolving retail landscape, where physical retail spaces continue to thrive alongside online shopping. The guide highlights the significance of providing a personalised and tailored retail experience to win customer loyalty.

7) Looking Ahead: The guide concludes by anticipating future trends and expressing excitement about reporting on upcoming Christmas spending trends, indicating the continuous evolution of the European retail landscape.

In summary, this guide provides readers with a detailed exploration of the 2023 Black Friday weekend, showcasing the enduring appeal of in-store shopping, surprising trends, and the resilience of physical retail spaces in the face of online competition. It offers valuable insights for both retailers and consumers interested in understanding the dynamics of one of the most significant shopping events in Europe.

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