Couture Service for Collaborative
Customer Experiences

About the organisation:

Launched in 2021, MultiPay Global Solutions is a payments technology company that enables large merchants to accept any payment, anywhere. Headquartered in London and Milan, its all-in-one agnostic payment solution combines a unique API that acts as a single point of integration between any payment method and any acquirer. MultiPay’s gateway works across all payment channels in any sector. Customers include The Frasers Group, Zara, LS Retail, Bershka, Jack Wills, Pull & Bear, & Ecco.

The challenge:

Over the pandemic, UK ecommerce grew by 46%. As a result, consumers became increasingly accustomed to seamless online payment experiences. Moreover, only until recently, physical instore and hospitality payments remained largely frozen in time. This disparity between online and instore experiences creates friction for merchants who need to meet customers’ expectations of quick and seamless payments regardless of how and where they choose to pay.

Ultimately, brands must be on the front-foot when it comes to deploying the right technology to meet, and anticipate, changing consumer expectations. By being proactive, merchants operating in fiercely competitive markets can differentiate payments to encourage loyalty and spend.

However, the journey towards a better payment experience looks very different for every business. Merchants can be frustrated, and risk falling behind, if they adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Instead, they need tailored, bespoke solutions and services from their payments technology partner.

The solution:

MultiPay recognises that every merchant has a unique payment proposition and challenge. Therefore, each of its customers also needs a MultiPay service designed specifically for them.

This is what MultiPay terms its couture customer service – an essential part of our philosophy and values, which we deliver in several ways.

Firstly, through a dedicated single MultiPay point-of-contact for every customer. This agent knows the client inside-out, they have detailed in-depth knowledge of the client and are able to act as both problem solver and innovation consultant.

Unlike its competitors, whose customers must navigate convoluted and often outsourced call centres, MultiPay agents can quickly and effectively route issues through to the correct expert and assemble teams able to deliver a solution built around the customers’ unique requirements. This enables MultiPay to respond swiftly and accurately, tailoring processes to individual customer needs and proven business outcomes.

Secondly, MultiPay provides every customer with a direct line to its COO, Delia Pedersoli, and CEO, David Maisey. Industry experts, they have over 40 years’ experience in the payments industry and a true passion for the sector. All MultiPay customers are aware they can call either anytime and be instantly connected.

Thirdly, technology runs at the very heart of MultiPay’s customer service strategy and processes. In fact, two-thirds of its workforce have a technology background. Consequently, MultiPay can continually innovate the services it offers its customers, and in turn the experiences end consumers receive.

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