Bringing new life to the UK High Street

Bringing new life to the UK high street


At MultiPay, we have witnessed firsthand the remarkable resurgence of the UK High Street. Our data shows a record-breaking surge in activity across Europe, with a single-day number of transactions over the last weekend in June exceeding our previous record by an astounding 23%. This uptick is not just a statistic but a testament to the vibrancy and potential of our high streets. As new stores open and established brands expand, the High Street is once again becoming a hub of economic and social activity. Companies like Deichmann, Gymshark, Superdrug, Hotel Chocolat, and B&M are not merely opening stores; they are reigniting the spark of community shopping.  Alongside this, strategic investments by our client, Frasers Group, in shopping centres are proving that physical retail spaces are far from obsolete. This revival is a compelling narrative of innovation, community, and consumer choice, showcasing the enduring appeal of the High Street in a digital age.

Embracing New Opportunities

Frasers Group’s acquisition of the Frenchgate Shopping Centre in Doncaster highlights a significant investment in bricks-and-mortar retail. With anchor stores such as Next, H&M, and TK Maxx, Frenchgate welcomes over 16 million visitors each year. This move by Frasers Group is part of a broader strategy to rejuvenate the UK High Streets, with plans to expand the existing Sports Direct store to include a variety of brands under one roof, enhancing the shopping experience for every visitor.

Michael Murray, CEO of Frasers Group, emphasises the strategic nature of this acquisition: “The acquisition of Frenchgate Shopping Centre in Doncaster further demonstrates the Group’s commitment to investing in brick-and-mortar. We are committed to re-inventing retail and injecting new life into high streets across the UK to bring the very best brands, environment, and experience to customers across the country.”

The Appeal of Physical Stores

Despite the convenience of online shopping, the allure of physical stores remains strong. People crave the tactile and social aspects of shopping, which is something that an online environment cannot replicate. Recognisng this, brands like Deichmann and Gymshark are expanding their high street presence, creating spaces where customers can directly interact with products. Superdrug continues to innovate within the health and beauty sector, while Hotel Chocolat offers indulgent experiences that draw customers in. Meanwhile, B&M caters to the growing demand for affordable home and lifestyle products.

Supporting Local Economies and Community Well-being

The revitalisation of the UK High Street is not only beneficial for consumers and retailers but also plays a crucial role in supporting local economies and enhancing community well-being. By fostering a bustling High Street, we create numerous employment opportunities, from retail positions to roles in security and facilities management. Each new store opening helps to sustain the local job market, which is vital for the overall health of the community. Additionally, vibrant High Streets serve as social hubs where people can meet, mingle, and participate in community events. These spaces contribute to a sense of community and belonging, which are essential for social cohesion and individual well-being.

The Role of Technology in High Street Revival

In an era dominated by digital transactions, the integration of technology into High Street operations has become inevitable. At MultiPay, we are at the forefront of this transformation, providing seamless payment solutions that enhance the shopping experience for both merchants and consumers. Our technology not only supports transaction efficiency but also helps retailers gather valuable data on consumer preferences and shopping behavior. This data-driven approach enables retailers to tailor their offerings more precisely to customer needs, fostering a more personalised shopping experience. The fusion of traditional retail with modern technology exemplifies the adaptive nature of the High Street, ensuring it remains relevant and appealing in a digital age.

To further enhance this integration, MultiPay offers innovative solutions like Pay By Bank Instore and our API solution. Pay By Bank Instore allows for face-to-face payments directly from customers’ bank accounts, bypassing interchange and scheme fees, thus offering higher profit margins for merchants. This system is cost-effective, eliminating many of the fees that typically erode merchant profits. Moreover, it’s universally compatible and does not require merchants to invest in new hardware, as it integrates seamlessly with existing payment devices.

Our API solution complements these offerings by enabling a more connected and responsive retail environment. It allows retailers to integrate MultiPay’s advanced payment systems directly into their existing infrastructure, creating a more agile and data-informed shopping environment. By leveraging these advanced payment solutions, High Street retailers can ensure a smoother, more secure, and personalised shopping experience for their customers.

By providing a single, unified system for all payment needs, MultiPay’s API solution helps retailers streamline their operations, reduce complexity, and focus more on delivering exceptional service to their customers. This strategic integration of technology is pivotal in ensuring that High Street retailers can thrive in a digitally dominated market, making the shopping experience smoother and more engaging for consumers.


As we look ahead, the revitalisation of the UK High Street is a testament to the resilience of physical retail in a digital world. At MultiPay, our record-breaking transaction numbers reflect a wider trend of revival and innovation that is sweeping across high streets throughout Europe. This resurgence is not just about more shops or sales—it’s about re-establishing the High Street as a vital part of community life, offering unique experiences that online platforms cannot replicate.

The commitment of companies like Frasers Group to rejuvenate traditional retail spaces, coupled with the embrace of cutting-edge technologies by MultiPay, is setting the stage for a dynamic future. By integrating solutions like Pay By Bank In-store and our comprehensive API, we are not only enhancing the efficiency and security of transactions but also enriching the shopping experience with personalisation and convenience, bridging the gap between digital ease and physical presence. High streets are becoming more than just shopping destinations; they are evolving into vibrant, multifunctional hubs that foster community ties and support local economies in profound ways.

Let’s continue to support this transformation, celebrating every step forward as we redefine what it means to shop on the High Street.

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